Sagrat cor de Tarragona

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Dear visitor,

We welcome you and thank you for your interest in visiting this shrine where the Virgin Mary is venerated with the dedication of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, the first and most unknown work of the young Antoni Gaudí, when he still a student of architecture.

Keep in mind that you are visiting a Marian Shrine, a Christian temple where the community gathers around Jesus Christ, hears the word of God, celebrates the Eucharist and receives forgiveness.

During your visit, respectfully, we thank you for your cooperation and invite you to share in the spiritual richness of this place of faith and prayer.

Its financial contribution is destined to the maintenance, conservation and restoration of the Sanctuary.

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The Sanctuary


Mother Benedict, who for 30 years was superior of the convent of Tarragona, narrates in 1918 that "... the fire lit in Tarragona soon spread across the seas, spreading with great speed through the Philippine Islands, several points of America and other Spanish possessions ".

Tarragona has the honour of being the city that hosted in 1871 the first arch-brotherhood established in Spain under the invocation of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart. This devotion arose in Issoudun (France) in 1857, and in August of that same year settled in Tarragona, from where it extended by the peninsula and the colonies of overseas.

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Sagrat Cor de Tarragona

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